Basic history

The undisputed capitol of all things good and holy, Paradika was established by the long forgotten seafaring founders of civilization on Dukat. It's central location on the continent, and prime farming lands led to a great empire of seafairing food traders. Loosely based on a LG Hannibal-era Carthage the town features mediterranian archeticture. Glorious colored and enchanted freizes on the sides of the most majestic buildings in town featuring classical victories of good over evil.


General appearance 

The city itself is made nearly entirely of white marble, alabaster, white adobe and gold gilting, making for a glittering city sitting atop a gentle hill with a small cliff offering pulley access to the ocean.  The effect is strong on all who witness the city in its full glory. Those of evil intent often find it difficult to even get near the city, as magic placed by the order of Bahamut makes them more and more uncomfortable as they approach. Any of inky moral character who try to pass through the gates is revealed immediately then questioned and watched while in the city. However, under the city story is another story, and unsavory types have been sneaking in for years using hidden underground tunnels accessing the cities sewers. 


Power groups

  • Paradika is the ancient home of the Holy Order of Bahamut. These Lawful Good paladins, clerics, wizards, fighters, and warlords relentlessly laid siege upon Duraunt for nearly a generation. Trying to squelch its relentless wars of expansion. However, Once the black gates were breached, dark magics opened a gate to the realm of Orcus and the infernal lord crushed the glorious army of Bahamut. Soon after the undead siege of Paradika began.
  • The Fishaven's White Robes have their headquarters here. A 7 story alabaster and silver tower stands on the outside corner of town where the wizards can have a good field of view. This tower is designed to mimic the natural surroundings of 7 different cultures within Dukat. The cultures change regularly and the results can occasionally be suprising.
  • The wheaters guild was previously rich and powerful within the city, however the lack of farming caused by the siege are causing havoc with the food supplies throughout the continent and with the guilds wealth. Duraunti pirates have recently been aided by horrific sea monsters further sending food supplies spirialing out of control. This situation has thrown the far flung civilized areas of Dukat into serious peril.


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