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You wake up in a strange training yard. Hot sun beats down on you from above, and you feel very thirsty. There are warriors around you practicing in loincloths and with wooden weapons. You notice immediately that the rest of your troop is here. People wearing strange bracelets walk along the lines of practicing warriors offering harsh words of discouragement. The entire yard is in fact a cage, with bars enclosing you on all sides. It is now that you realize where you are. In the forsaken slave pits of Duraunt, where only the lucky ones are sold. Paradika is in grave danger.

People dressed in the dark reds and golds, popular in Duraunt are streaming by the outside of the cage gawking at the new and famous slaves.

Paradika’s famed heroes…

Sweaty, Naked, and under the yoke of the ‘cha – slaves for the cities amusement

Presumably, the party immediately starts planning their escape from the slave pits

Main Page

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